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Conferencia Oceánica: Caracterización mejorada del espectro de oleaje en el Océano Austral

Viernes 5 de mayo de 2017, 12:00 hrs. Sala 32, Av. Brasil 1786, Valparaíso.

En esta oportunidad nos visitará el Dr. Peter McComb, Managing Director de Metocean Solutions (, dictará la conferencia titulada "An improved wave spectral characterization of the Southern Ocean".

La entrada es liberada, pero con cupos limitados.  La conferencia será dictada en inglés.


The Southern Ocean is the southernmost part of the global ocean and represents around 22% of the sea surface area. The combination of persistent westerly winds, and the largely unbroken expanse of sea, produces potentially enormous fetches, resulting in the Southern Ocean experiencing higher wave heights for longer periods than any other body of water. Due to the harsh ocean environment and remote location, it is also the least observed of any ocean body. While satellite altimeter data can be used to estimate the surface variance, the wave spectral characteristics cannot be measured remotely, and consequently the directional wave spectra Southern Ocean are poorly sampled and not well understood. This project aims to provide a quantitative assessment of the performance of recently implemented improvements of source term physics in WAVEWATCH III in the Southern Ocean. This will include an analysis of the relative importance of large scale ocean currents. This work will utilize recent wave buoy deployments, providing the first in-situ wave measurements in the Southern Ocean. Improved physical robustness of operational wave model source terms, availability of in-situ observations and the rapid maturation of eddy resolving operational hydrodynamic models in recent years combine to make this investigation both valuable and timely.


Presentación para descarga:  Southern Ocean Waves Studies - Peter McComb


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